Get A Whiter, Brighter Smile

Are you self-conscious about the dark stains on your teeth? If you are, you’re not alone. 80% percent of dental patients express the same concern. White, healthy-looking teeth options are available to everyone.

Take Home Whitening Kit

This form of whitening is done within the comfort of your own home. Simply use your custom fitted tray and fill it with the hydrogen peroxide gel we give you and notice results within just a few hours. Whitening results are on average 5 shades lighter and full results take about 2 weeks to complete. Tooth whitening is all about the rejuvenation of your smile - look healthier and feel more confident. A person with a healthy smile is more likely to smile, talk and laugh, and express more of who they really are. Whether for a job interview, graduation, first date or your wedding, we want to help you feel good about yourself and make a great first impression.

In-Office Zoom™ Whitening

Notice your teeth become 6 to 10 shades lighter after just one hour of Zoom™ whitening procedure. Zoom™ whitening is not only fast, but is safe, effective and convenient.


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Client Testimonials

  • "Pain-free appointments, friendly/welcoming environment and staff, knowledgeable staff."
    - D. Holder

    "Everyone here is just great."
    - E. Kimpinski

    "Dr. Salamé and staff are wonderful! I tend to be scared of the dentist J but everyone is great and reassuring. He explains everything before he starts. I almost enjoy coming :)"
    - J. Donaldson

  • "For someone like me, who is very nervous, the Maplewood Dental staff makes me comfortable."
    - L. Thomz

    "Awesome, very friendly and gentle staff. Great people."
    - L. Wiggams

    "Dr. Salamé is amazing, Joanna and all their front staff."
    - Cara Z.

    "Everything done to perfection."
    - V.C.

  • "The good doctor and staff @ Maplewood Dental are very friendly, professional and accommodating. Highly recommended."
    - Len

    "Dr. Salamé is a good dentist! They are really good at what they do!"
    - Keira T.

    "Very impressed."
    - Nancy V. K.

  • "I am very satisfied with Dr. Salamé and his staff, their knowledge, dedication and friendly manner."
    - M.F.B.

    "We didn’t have a dentist, but he took us, no questions asked, we will be forever grateful for his service and dedication."
    - Frank B.

    "Caring, gentle, and professional."
    - H. Beath

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